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Sensing and Moving
1Aug 30WelcomeFirst day of class1) Pre`work
2Sep 3How do robots know what to do?Big Themes: How do Robots know what to do?1) Read and do PRR Chapters 1 and 2; 2) Demonstrate booting to ssd
3Sep 6ROS FundamentalsIntroducing ROS Fundamentals1) Read and do chapters 3 and 4; 2) Do ROS topic homework
4Sep 10ROS Nodes and SimulatorsContinuing with different ROS Nodes, visualizers and simulators1) Read and do PRR chapters 5 and 6; 2) Do ROS Summary Project
5Sep 13How do robots perceiveSensors of various kinds are essential to robotics1) Read paper
6Sep 17Using Sensors via ROSHow do we use sensor data to actually do something useful?; 1) Read Chapter 7 of PRR; 2) Answer intuition questions; 3) Read and comment on Wall Following paper
7Sep 20How do mobile Robots move?Wheels, legs and other ways for robots to move around 3D space1) Read PRR Chapters 8, 9; 2) Do Roomba Roamer Homework Part 1
8Sep 24Using ROS to control movementHow you program a robot to move1) Part 2 of ros roomvba
9Sep 27How do Robots Orient Themselves?The role of Maps in orientaion and localization1) Read and Do Chapter 9; 2) Do Roomba Assignment
10Oct 4ROS CoordinatesHow does ROS handle coordinates, frames, transforms1) Do Maze Assignment
11Oct 8The almighty TF packageTF is the heart of the efficient conversion of coordinates between frames1) Do the TF tutorials and answer questions
12Oct 11How do Robots Know Where they Are?Using landmarks to determine location1) tf2 programming assignment
13Oct 18Guest Lecture: Charlie SquiresElectronics, Kinematics, Kalman Filters1) Read and respond to warmups for PRR Chapter 10
14Oct 22AMCL: Localization in practiceLook at the mechanics of SLAM and AMCL1) TB3 Slam Homework; 2) Term project Proposal
15Oct 25Speaker: Keith MerrilSemi-mathish introduction to Kalman filters and related matters1) Read the article and respond to warmups
16Oct 29How do Robots Know Where To Go?How does a robot decide what to do, execute a plan of action?1) Updated project proposal; 2) Perhaps prepare for quiz
17Nov 1Term Project Kickoff (Sprint 1)We hear the kickoff presentations from each team
18Nov 5Term Project Kickoff ContinuedWe hear the kickoff presentations from each team
19Nov 8Weekly Updates (Sprint 2)Projects happening1) Weekly update
20Nov 12Howo do Robots Know Where to go (Sprint 2)Projectsn/a
21Nov 15Weekly Standups (Sprint 3)Projects happening1) Weekly update
22Nov 19Path Planning (Sprint 3)Projects happeningNone
23Nov 22ELECTRONICS FOR ROBOTICISTS - 1Special module held in the Maker Lab1) Weekly update
24Nov 26Project WorkProjects happeningn/a
25Dec 3Project WorkProjects happening1) Weekly update
26Dec 6ELECTRONICS FOR ROBOTICISTS - 2Special module held in the Maker Labn/a
27Dec 10Last Day!Nothing Scheduledn/a