Links of Interest

This page is a grabbag of links that are very relevant but not necessarily covered in the lectures or notes. We will be adding to it from time to time.

  1. Path Planning - Great link for understanding path planning algorithms and visualizing their behavior.
  2. Unix Shell -My super summary of important things to know about the “shell”
  3. ROS Cheat Sheet - list of ROS commands, utilities, and other things to remember
  4. Threads and Processes - Very brief notes about threads and processes**
  5. Cosi119a Book - Details and caveats to be successful with the textbook and the software.
  6. Homework info - Notes about homeworks and submissions
  7. Grading - Notes about grading for this course
  8. Git and Github - GIT primer and 5 most important commands
  9. Lab Rules - Rules for using the lab
  10. Selection of key papers - List of some of the most relevant papers I’ve found.
  11. Prework and Expectations - Important pre-work that is absolutely expected before day one of class