Final Project Proposals
Robotics project guidelines and possible ideas


A major part of this course is the design and completion of the Term Project. Students are welcome to come up with their own project ideas and assemble their own teams. This note will go over some of the parameters. You can see what the Final Project Deliverables will be here.


The team should be a size appropriate to the project at hand. Likely most of the teams will be two students, but there might be one person projects and three person projects. The expectation is that the project writeup explains the need for the proposed number of students. You are welcome to propose your team members. This is just a propsal and we reserve the right to modify it by adding, removing or changing the makeup.

Subject Matter

Any project which is closely related to Robotics, that uses Ros in an interesting way, is a valid option. Look at the list below for a series of ideas to prime the project pump. No one is required to pursue any of them; or you can take parts of one and parts of another. Depending on interest, we will create a special team to work on CampusRover itself.


On October 22 you will need to submit a proposal. It should contain the following elements:

  1. Overview: What are you trying to do? How will you approach it? Why is this an interesting and challenging problem?
  2. Background: What have you researched already? What relevant research, literature, books have you looked at?
  3. Mini Plan: What are the approximate sequence of steps or tasks that will be involved? Can you already see how you will attack it and what will be done first?
  4. Resources: What resources (people and hardware) do you think will be required?
  5. Deliverables: In addition to the final report, what other deliverables will you produce? A live demonstration is usually required; perhaps you will produce a video or article or paper
  6. Assessment: How would you like your work to be assessed?

Priming the Idea Pump

Multi Robot DiscoveryDesign a system that would allow the control of multiple robots
Gesture RecognitionRecognize gestures visually
Fiducials and Fiducial SlamDemonstrate undertanding of Fiducials by implementing fiducial Slam
Balance SeesawMake a robot balance itself on a seesaw
Advanced Maze SolverCreate a really robust maze solver
PlanningInvestigate and build more advanced Planning
Visualization and teaching of Robotics ConceptsOne or more tools to teach robotics Concepts
Face RecognitionDesign and implement some form of Face Recognition
Robot ArmInterface a simple robot arm to Campus Rover
CV Maze SolverCreate a Maze solver that uses Computer Vision
Research to compare different SLAMsInvestigate compaetrative performance of various SLAM algos
Reinforcement LearningUse RL to discover the most efficient way to traverse a path
Depth CameraInterface the depth camera to Alien and use it for something
Haptic FeedbackUsing a haptic input device to get precise control with feedback