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Electronics, Kinematics, Kalman Filters

Homework due for today

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  1. Read and Do Read PRR Chapter 10. PLEASE remember to refer to this (10 part1: Localizing in parallel and use the code I provided!). There’s not a lot of code to write, but I would like you to actually run all the examples and try to understand what is going on. With that, answer the following questions about TF2:
    1. Why is it important to get a good initial localization? Why is that needed at all? Could AMCL work without it?
    2. This one is a little tricky. When I am using AMCL and move_base, can I use teleop to cause the robot to crash into the wall. Give your reasoning! You might need to try this to get a good answer. It will be a very interesting experiment.
    3. Please write one or two things that are still confusing to you; if it’s all clear, then please write one or two major takeaways. Deliverable: Your responses to the above questions, in brief, in a pdf with your name and homework number at the top.

Guest Lecturer: Charlie Squires

Charlie Squires


The attached zip file contains two powerpoint decks that will be used today.

  • Real time systems and Noise
  • What is Noise
  • How to mitigate noise
  • Filters
  • Averaging Filters
  • Kalman Filters
  • Basic concepts of electricity using a Water Analog
  • Robotics, ROS and getting a job