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How does a robot decide what to do, execute a plan of action?

How Do Robots Know Where To Go
  • Big idea: Robots navigate through the world using a path planner to search for routes around obstacles and an execution monitor to ensure that the robot stays on the path.
  • Underlying Technologies
    • Short and long range plan
    • Tree Search (Dijkstra)
    • Recovery behaviors
  • Learning goal: Students will
    • Understand the interrelationship between short and long range planning
    • Understand the difference between a topological and metric map and why both are needed
    • Be able to demonstrate how to use ROS "Move Base" node

Homework due for today

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  1. Term Project Feasiility study: During this week you need to investigate your proposed term project in more detail. You need to do some hacking, playing, reading and experimenting to raise your confidence in your project to at least 75% chance of success. Write the results of this work in a revision of your project proposal submitted last week. Deliverable: Updated project proposal with around 1/2 page added on the feasibility
  2. Prepare for quiz
  • Project work should be occupying at least 8 hours per week outside of class. For teams, you should be meeting face to face regularly.


Quiz 45 minutes for quiz.

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