Final Project Deliverables


  1. Choosing and preparing a project proposal
  2. Pursuing the project (either alone or with a teammate)
  3. Preparing for the “Robotics Fair” on the final day (see below)
  4. Writing a Project Report and adding it to the Lab Notebook (see below)
  5. Demoing your project and poster on the final day, December 18 at 10:00am (see below.)

FInal Deliverables

  • All deliverables: Due December 16 11:55pm (see below)
  • Robotics Fair: December 18 at 10:00am in the lab (see below)
What to submit to Latte (as a team)
  • The pdf of your poster. Color PDF 27x36 inches landscape
  • Link to your final report as it appears in the Lab Notebook
  • Link to the code you wrote in a clean github repo, including a Readme
  • Each teammate separately (and not in the lab notebook), is asked to provide a reflection, including specifically what their contribution was to the project was
  • The project as a whole is graded. All aspects of the work and deliverables are considered.
  • In the case of team, we grade the work of the team as a whole
  • Each team member however will be assigned a grade reflecting their level of participation and contribution to the group work.
  • In other words, you might not get the full project grade if you didn’t participate fully in the project.
  • This grade will count for 45% of your final grade.

Final Project report

  • Report should be around 5, max 10 pages.
  • We pay attention to appearance, quality of writing, “fit and finish”.
  • This is a piece of professional writing, a project report, and not like a scholarly paper.
  • You will add it to the appropriate section of the Lab Notebook.
  • Here are instructions on how to do that: Lab Notebook Final Reports Section
General outline of report
  1. Introduction
    1. Problem statement, includeing original objectives
    2. Relevant literature
  2. What was created (biggest section)
    1. Technical descriptions, illustrations
    2. Discussion of interesting algorithms, modules, techniques
    3. Guide on how to use the code written
    4. Clear description and tables of source files, nodes, messages, actions and so on
  3. Story of the project.
    1. How it unfolded, how the team worked together
    2. problems that were solved, pivots that had to be taken
    3. Your own assessment

Robotics Fair

  • You (and your teammate) prepare to demonstrate your work in the best possible light
  • You also prepare a “poster” explaining your project
  • The teaching staff plus at least one outside robotics expert will visit and hear your presentation and ask you questions
Presenting and Explaining Your Project
  • Show case what you’ve learned and what you built in the best possible light
  • Come up with a cool and interesting demo
  • Make sure that you reserve the robot you need for your demo
  • If you want to share a demo with another team that’s fine
  • But the assessment will be individual
  • Make a classic “Poster” describing your project
  • Format: pdf size: 27x36 inches (landscape)
  • See, e.g. Poster Basics, Duke guide, google
  • Audience is someone familiar with robotics
  • Explain your objective and your project
  • Team members, dates
  • Make it look pretty! Don’t have too many words. Have some diagrams or pictures