Programming Guide for PRR Book

1: IntroductionQuick introduction
2: ROS at a high levelBasic concepts of ROS
3: TopicsWhat are topics, how are they used. How do messages fit in
4: ServicesWhat are ROS services, and why do we need them? How are they different?
5: ActionsWhat are ROS actions and how do they relate to topics and services?
6: Robots and SimulatorsLooking more widely now at the world of robotics
7: Wander BotSimulating behavior in simulation
8: Teleop-botDesigning and implementing a slightly more complicated ROS program
9: Building MapsWhat is a map, how to build one
10 part1: LocalizingHow does a Robot figure out where it is? Even if there's no map?
10 part2: NavigatingHow does the robot get from here to there, iven a map and AMCL localization
11: Chess BotNext level of logic in the Chess Bot
12: Follow BotAdding perception to our robot algorithms